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This is the blog of a teacher, academic, poetic thinker, artist and theorist -- and most of all, a pacifist.  I am currently concerned that blog entries herein have been unfortunately misinterpeted, and so I am going back and qualifying everything on this blog so that people understand how things that have been stated on this blog relate to my work and the work of other people in academia.  I am sorry for any misinterpretations that have occurred here.  Things can sound quite different on the internet and in writing than they are in reality.  Lots of writers are quite different in their writing than they are in reality.   I have a wide range of interests -- as should be reflected on my book list and on my blog reads list. My interests range from theory to teaching (pedagogy)  to science discussions on a science & technology discussion website known as to social issues and women's issues (because I care about those things). My interests range the entire gamut of topics and subjects, and my interests are interdisciplinary in nature, which means that as a teacher, I am interested in lots of different subjects.   I am concerned here that my blog reads and quotations have been really misinterpeted, and I am trying to qualify everything on this blog so that it will make sense to people who do not have an academic background and are not familiar with the contexts in which all of this blog is being written. I really feel that things have been taken out of the appropriate context, and I want to try to help people to understand what is being said.  Academia can be quite a different place than the real world, and people write about theoretical issues and have debates about theoretical issues that sound quite different to folks outside of academia.  I would appreciate help from other academics/teachers in helping people to understand the theoretical context in which this blog is being written.   I am a very kind-hearted and caring person by nature, and the blog title really does reflect my heartfulness and caring.   In reality, I am always trying to help people, and that's all that I want to do -- help people and get back to teaching.  If I have written anything that sounds assertive or overly-aggressive, that is just because I have been trying to help people out in the only way that I know how to help.  I have also been trying to work out congenial disagreements with a few other bloggers who haven't given me the opportunity to explain and correct misinformation.  Any subtexts in these posts have only had to do with intellectual disagreements and not being provided with the opportunity to respond to misinformation and wanting to keep this blog private and pseudonymous as many academic bloggers do when they do not want their writings to impact their lives and careers, and when they want to keep privacy. There are many other bloggers who blog pseudonymously.

Please note that "when the moon waxes red" is the title of a book by the poetic theorist Trinh Minh-ha, and that's what that title is in reference to.  And the lunar eclipse really was beautiful the other night. And that really is my favorite Mulder-Scully moment that I posted below, and I really was listening to the song the other night. This blog is filled with daily observations from reading the newspaper and listening to music and so forth.  I also love the work of Paulo Freire -- he is a favorite teacher, theorist and writer of mine because he advocates love as the source of all actions and practices, and I truly believe in the power of love, and that's the thematic of this blog and has been the thematic of this blog since the beginning, i.e., the concept of love and the many different things that I love.  I am also a very spiritual person, and I believe in both christianity and zen buddhism as a spiritual way of doing onto others and treating other people like one would want to be treated oneself, and I tend to privilege theorists/writers who practice theory in a zen or buddhist kind of manner.  Maybe not as institutionalized religions but as spiritual practices of meditation.  That is what is being referenced by the zen posts on this blog -- I have been a long time reader of buddhism. While some of my writing may appear assertive/aggressive -- many writers are different on paper than they are in writing -- I am actually a very kind-hearted person.


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