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Stumbled upon this website today, and it doesn't get much more real and urgent than this: Invisible Children -- "Improves the quality of life for war-affected children by providing access to quality education, enhanced learning environments and innovative economic opportunities." These kinds of documentary/fundraising efforts go much further in addressing the pragmatic, material realities of "othering" -- exile, marginalization and torture -- than many of the insular theoretical discourses waxing and waning abstractly about "the Other."

Mandate & Ethos

"When we first saw the thousands of children running for their lives, we were surprised by the lack of international attention. No one was talking about child soldiers, night commuters or the Lord’s Resistance Army. So, we asked ourselves, 'How can we help?' While we had our own big ideas in the beginning, the more time we spent among the people of Uganda, the more their reoccurring pleas became our development strategies."

"Invisible Children is not offering a handout, but instead, a life-long investment in vulnerable youth. We provide them with quality education and valuable life skills that enable them to take responsibility for their future and the future of their country."

"To achieve this goal we emphasize community involvement and Ugandan leadership. As a part of a global community, we also promote cross-cultural education, and continuously look for ways we can better work together in defending the oppressed and promoting peace."

Sad, dark, cruel world, indeed -- as if there is not enough darkness in the world already. And, once again, originating from a zealot-man in the name of religion.

And Jan Egeland of the UN is a humanitarian crusader extraordinaire:

"During a November 2003 field visit to Uganda, United Nations Undersecretary-General for Humanitarian Affairs and Emergency Relief Coordinator Jan Egeland stated, 'I cannot find any other part of the world that is having an emergency on the scale of Uganda, that is getting such little international attention.'"[9]


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