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poppy seed cakes

More Tori Amos, from a 2003 interview:

"'I would compare thoughts, ideas, facts… and what I began to see was that there is truth in every religion. There is truth there, but there are also many lies. And I was interested in uncovering the lies, the controls, the domination of the patriarchy, which women are involved in as well as men,' she says. 'It is not about us becoming whole because then we wouldn’t need them. There would be no institution.'

“'Although, I will say that the little poppy seed cakes that get made by the little old ladies — that’s truth. That’s love. Yes, there is love there. There is no question that within the institution there are moments and pockets of truth, and there are also incredible pockets of control.'”

"'There’s always going to be feedback when you say something that’s against somebody’s belief system,' she says, 'but … I’m putting light bulbs out there, that’s all I’m doing … and they either make you want to cogitate over them or not.'"


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