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From today's NYTimes, "Think Small," on the back-to-basics movement of building ecologically-sound-yet-design-conscious dwellings with small footprints.

"A wave of interest in such small dwellings — some to serve, like the Shepherds’ home, as temporary housing, others to become space-saving dwellings of a more permanent nature — has prompted designers and manufacturers to offer building plans, kits and factory-built houses to the growing number of small-thinking second-home shoppers. Seldom measuring much more than 500 square feet, the buildings offer sharp contrasts to the rambling houses that are commonplace as second homes."

"From the beginning, Mr. Adams said, he had an ecological agenda and intended to serve as a steward of the former ranch property. 'I was committed to finding a tiny house that would have no lasting impact on the land,' he said. 'But truthfully, I wanted something with design value, too.'"

"'It feels acutely more sheltering to be in a tiny house rather than a big one,” Mr. Adams said of the glass-and-wood structure, which sits like a jewel box on the land. 'Looking out at the vastness of the environment heightens your sense of containment.'"


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