corporatedemia: capital misallocation

pay-gap rationalizations

Today I am amused by the elitist pseudo-rationalization found in the third op-ed letter [by a male, high-school student] in this set of op-ed letters published in the Times.

Right, let's blame pay inequalities on where women attend universities, as if only attendance at the "competitive colleges" is supposed to guarantee good and equitable salaries -- or guarantee a quality education. Interesting how many high-school students are steeped in these myths that if they don't get into the Harvard's and Yale's then their future "earning powers" are inherently doomed. And you would think -- following this student's illogic -- that men graduates of those "less competitive colleges," no matter how disproportionately represented, would likewise be draining the statistics.

The other letters in the series make far more sense. Indeed, the last explanation is a prototypical one that explicates many other societal maladies, i.e., the undervaluing of "'nurturing' specialities" results not only in larger health problems [requiring invasive surgery] down the road but also larger societal problems when preventative education and care is poorly financed.


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