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corporatedemia: capital misallocation

cards stacked deep & high

A resounding "yes" to this article in yesterday's Times, "How Suite It Isn't: A Dearth of Female Bosses," and a brief observation here that insofar as academia is increasingly going corporate, as well, the same analyses hold true for administrative positions in academia: male authority figures automatically support and promote one another, while similar support, encouragement and advancement is often withheld from women. Sadly, these patterns of behavior replicate themselves from organization to organization, institution to institution.

"Analysts and executive women also say that one of the biggest roadblocks between women and the c-suite is the thick layer of men who dominate boardrooms and corner offices across the country. 'The men in the boardroom and the men at the top are choosing and tend to choose who they are comfortable with: other men,' Ms. Bartz says."

"'The truth is, left alone, I think the situation would get worse,' Ms. Bartz says. 'I think the reason you see roughly 2 percent of Fortune 500 companies run by female C.E.O.’s is because there has been some discussion about the issue. If the topic didn’t continue to be highlighted as important, I do think that percentage would slide backward.'"

"The addition of a second woman to the board only slightly changes the environment. The women sometimes feel the need to stay away from each other, worried that it will appear as if they are conspiring against the men on the board."


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